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Spots Sando Mask
Spots Sando Mask
Spots Sando Mask
Spots Sando Mask

Spots Sando Mask

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This unique Sando print 3-layer, contoured, ear loop mask is lightweight, breathable, soft and ultra-comfortable. Designed to cover your mouth and nose, while resting on the chin to allow ease of talking without pulling on your nose. Contouring down from your nose ensures glasses don’t fog. Paired with a matching Sando print design keyring pouch, you can attach it to your wallet or handbag to ensure you will never forget your mask. 

Mask Composition (In alignment with Australian Dept of Health guidelines):

* Inner layer: tightly woven, water-absorbing cotton
* Middle layer: breathable cotton. 
* Exterior layer: water resistant, soft polyester jersey.

Care & Wear:

* Ensure to wash or sanitise your hands before and after mask wear

* Place mask inside Sando pouch after wear. 
* Don’t touch the front of your mask while wearing or removing it.

* Don’t wear mask around neck or under nose. 
* Separate mask from pouch and hand or machine wash with detergent and water and air dry.
* Store in a dry, clean place. 



Fits most female faces and smaller male faces.

Mask dimensions (excluding elastic): 225 x 95mm. 

Designed to rest on rather than wrap under the chin. 


Larger Female or Male faces. 

Mask Dimensions (excluding elastic): 245 x 120mm

Designed to rest on rather than wrap under the chin.

Spots Sando Mask
Spots Sando Mask